Chengdu's Newest Donut Shop

Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 11:00-21:00



Call: 132 - 5823 - 5398

WeChat ID: j5donuts

Johnny 5 is Alive and Making Donuts

You can go ahead and ignore those buttons right above, they don't do anything yet. We don't have a menu, we don't have a map, but we do have donuts.

We are located at Singapore Garden on Tongzilin Nan Lu. Just 3 doors down from Mike’s Pizza.




Homer Simpson

I love donuts, ok? To me, it's more than a pastry, it's a lifestyle, a lifetime of good memories. Good times, good people, smiles. I was born in Seattle, Washington, but spent the last 11 years in Las Vegas. A city that NEVER sleeps, where people come to party... and eat. A city where you've got to be fun, fresh, and fantastic. So I've worked on learning how to make a killer donut.

It started with my mother and sister, at a local donut shop. I'd get the old fashioned and a cup of hot chocolate - that'll always feel like home. After years in the service industry, fine dining and 5 star hotels, my tastes have changed. I heard people asking for the new and different, but with classical style and quality. So I learned all I could about traditional French desserts, how to make the exciting and exotic (as only Vegas can).

I am always creating, innovating and developing new flavors. The more I talk to people, from customers to chefs, the more I'm inspired to push my culinary limits and improve on legends like Krispy Kreme, Voodoo and Top Pot. How do you take that traditional taste and blend it with something you've never had before? I love the challenge of a new experience, and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone's eyes open wide as they take that first bite.

And I do it all with the best local and imported ingredients, crafted with love. It wouldn't taste like home if it wasn't made by someone who cares.

So here's my offer - come to Johnny 5, try our donuts, and join the family. Let's make new, delicious memories together, and make Chengdu a sweeter place!